Candy Manor - Home Design 132

Match 3 Game – Restore the Manor to its Former Glory

Do you like solving puzzles? Are you a fan of home décor and design? If yes, then you will find this match 3 game to your liking. Candy Manor is a fun game that offers a delightful escape into the world of design. It allows you to renovate a large manor that has been neglected for many years and restore it to its former glory. This game provides an engaging blend of interior design choices and candy-themed match-3 puzzles. The core gameplay loop revolves around two primary components. There is the decorating aspect that involves renovating and designing various rooms within the manor. The second aspect is that of completing match-3 levels to earn stars that allow you to accomplish renovation tasks and progress through the game.
Candy Manor
Candy Manor has addictive gameplay that is well-supported by its polished graphics. The controls of this match 3 game are self-explanatory and merely require you to make choices by tapping the items you like. You have to renovate a home that is in a very bad shape. There is dust covering inch of the floor and many of the furniture items have been ruined. You will have to go from room to room and perform renovation tasks one by one. These renovation tasks include cleaning floors, fixing broken items, and replacing old furniture. You will be given three choices for each furniture item you replace. The cost of performing each renovation task is one star. You can gain them by completing match-3 levels.
Candy Manor
This match 3 game offers a variety of match-3 puzzles to you. These puzzles are presented in the form of levels and serve as a means to earn stars that are then used for completing renovation tasks. Each level presents a different challenge to you. In some levels, you just need to collect a set number of candies of particular color while in others you have to collect items by making matches near them. Making a match requires you to lineup 3 or more candies of the same color in a horizontal or vertical line. While the match-3 mechanics might seem familiar to fans of similar games, Candy Manor adds its twist by incorporating candy-themed elements that align with the overarching design narrative.
Candy Manor
Candy Manor requires you to complete the match-3 levels within the allotted number of moves. To make this task easier, the game allows you to form special candies upon matching 4 or more same candies. You gain a rocket for grouping 4 same candies in a straight line and a plane for grouping the same number in the shape of a square. A rainbow candy can be made by matching 5 same candies in a straight line while grouping them in an ‘L’ shape can get you a bomb. Each of these special candies can help you solve puzzles faster and finish levels quicker. This match-3 game also offers mini-games. These mini-games offer smaller match-3 puzzles that can earn you extra stars.


  • Lots of match-3 levels to complete
  • Achieve the goal to complete the level
  • A limited number of moves available
  • Swap candies to make matches of 3 or more same candies
  • Earn a star for solving each level
  • Complete renovation tasks by using stars
  • 3 options available for each décor item
  • Mini-games on offer for earning extra stars


Candy Manor is a game for people who love solving puzzles and have a passion for home décor. It combines creative decor elements with familiar match-3 mechanics to offer you quality entertainment that will keep you glued to your phone screen for hours on end. This match-3 game can be a great addition to your game collection.

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